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Corporate Tax

Melot Buchet Avocats has expertise in all areas of French and international tax applicable to corporation: corporate income tax, value added tax, business tax, and withholding tax. We provide expert advice to corporations, including the management of their tax integration and corporate structure.

We provide advice on issues related to the development of stock option plans and free shares.

Our Experience:

  • Structuring the tax treatment of the acquisition of intangible assets by a listed French corporation;
  • Assessing the tax impacts of a sale lease back transaction;
  • Reviewing and advising on business tax for a French catering company.

International Tax

Melot Buchet Avocats advises on the international tax aspects of domestic French transactions, and the French tax consequences of international transactions including: international restructuring, the structuring of financial instruments, structured securitization operations, issues relating to employee incentive schemes, and advice to expatriates.

In particular, Melot Buchet Avocats can help with the following:

  • Setting up a business in France;
  • Cross-border financial flows (dividends, interest, and royalty);
  • Structuring French acquisitions and investment in France;
  • Transfer Pricing: establishing policy of transfer pricing, analysis of tax risks inherent in the tax intra operations, eliminating double taxation;
  • Advice to expatriates on French and international taxation.

Our Experience:

  • Acting for a French listed company in the context of structuring the royalties and dividends flows;
  • Advising French listed company (mid-cap) for the implementation of an Asian subsidiary;
  • Structuring French real property investments made by non-French investors.

Individual Tax

Melot Buchet Avocats provides advice to many clients on personal tax management, including transmission of family-owned businesses, inheritance, the national and international management of assets and income, and wealth tax.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in wealth management and domestic and international activity. This is a growing area of our practice.

Our Experience:

  • Negotiation with the French tax authorities to significantly decrease the tax paid by a French tax resident;
  • Executive officer of SMEs engaging in the sale of its operating companies: structuring of the transaction and re-investment;
  • Advising a family negotiating a shareholders' agreement.

Tax audits and Litigation

Disputes with the French Tax Authorities (FTA) are becoming more significant to taxpayers as tax legislation has become increasingly complex and the FTA takes a more aggressive approach.

Our integrated team of tax lawyers and litigators recognise that tax-related disputes need to be resolved on terms that meet your strategic objectives, which must include a continuing relationship with the FTA. We appreciate that successful resolution of tax disputes requires an integrated assessment of your business needs and that the ongoing merits of the case must be re-evaluated at each stage of the proceedings.

Our Experience:

  • Management of an arbitration procedure as part of a dispute relating to transfer pricing;
  • Advising a UK-based multinational in respect of a dispute relating to payroll tax;
  • Advising and acting for a listed French multinational for a dispute related to business tax.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Melot Buchet Avocats provides advice on corporate acquisitions and restructurings, French and international mergers & acquisitions, corporate reorganizations (including spin-offs and split-offs), liquidations, and asset purchase and sale.

We work to structure transactions in the most tax-efficient manner possible. In addition, we often work as special tax counsel on major transactions which are particularly tax sensitive and involve innovative solutions to your tax problems.

Melot Buchet Avocats advises on various aspects of mergers & acquisitions activity:

  • Restructuring operations, conducting due diligence pre or post purchase, legal advice regarding financing;

  • Assistance in the selection of legal structures and the preparation of legal documentation to accomplish or reflect: the increase or decrease of capital, mergers, acquisitions, spin-off's, dissolutions and partial asset valuations and sales;

  • Negotiating and implementing transactional agreements, together with the analysis of tax and legal opportunities in connection with these transactions.

Our Experiences:

  • Advising investment funds for their LBO, LMBO transactions: audits, structuring the transaction, and assistance during the implementation process;
  • Advising a French listed company within the framework of the disinvestment an industrial site;
  • Advice and support for managers and business leaders in connection with the sale of their shares;
  • Negotiation and obtaining tax agreements in dividing operations.

Business Financing

We cover all missions of assistance and advise in connection with the prevention and treatment of distresses businesses and in particular represent :

  • creditors before the insolvency proceeding bodies
  • economic actors willing to present a purchase offer
  • distresses businesses and their managers.

We investigate upstream the advisability and the conditions of the opening of an insolvency proceeding, we develop strategies with the managers and assist them throughout the process of safeguard, reorganization or liquidation of their company.

Our experiences :

  • Takeover of industrial companies before commercial courts
  • Representation of a manager in connection with a personal liability action
  • Implementation of a safeguard proceeding for an advertising company
  • Enforcement of a guarantee against a company under safeguard proceeding, litigation and settlement
  • Restructuring and renegotiation of debt for a subcontractor company in the automobile sector.

Private International Law

To come

Business Law

Melot & Buchet Law Firm has a confirmed expertise both in individual and collective labor relations.

The firm assists its clients in all areas of labor law :

  • Advice regarding day-to-day concrete legal issues : application of labor regulations and collective bargaining agreements, drafting of employment contracts, performance, modification and suspension of the employment contract, hygiene and safety, psycho-social risks, harassement,  labor accidents, professional illness, setting up and follow-up of disciplinary proceedings, negotiation and drafting of settlement aguements, duration of work, criminal labor law, setting up and operation of employees’ representative bodies, negotiation, conclusion and termination of collective agreements, GPEC, relations with the labor administration
  • Advise and assistance for specific projects : acquisitions, assignments, restructurings, strategie partnerships or other transactions (acquisition audits, reorganizations, transfers of employees, harmonization of the collective status, setting up and follow-up of collective redundancies, social plans, information and consultation of employees’ representatives, etc.
  • Assistance and representation in connection with individual and collective labor disputes, as plaintiff or defendant, before labor, civil and criminal courts.

Our experiences :

  • Assistance and follow-up in the context of post-merger restructuring of operational entities of a group (setting up of new employees’ representative institutions, harmonization of the collective status, reform of the compensation policy for sales people)
  • Transnational transfers of activity and staff, implementation of geographical mobility
  • Assistance and follow-up of group restructuring in correction with collective redundancies for economic reasons (process of information and consultation of employees’ representatives, setting up and implementation of social plan).

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